Tips for Vacation Rentals in Tamarindo, pt. 3

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Tips For Getting The Best Tamarindo Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Pt. 3: Price Ranges and What to Expect for Your Money

The first installment of our Tips For Tamarindo Vacation Rentals series we discussed the advantages of using a professional property management service when searching for a vacation rental in Tamarindo. In part two we covered the various location choices in the area. We detailed how Tamarindo truly has something for everybody when it comes to vacation rental property locations. Whether you are beachside, hillside, or poolside, you can find the ideal vacation accommodation relatively easily with the help of a trusted property management company or booking service. This might require a little bit of research, but that’s why you’re here right? This post will cover price ranges and what you can expect to get for your money.

One distinct advantage of booking a vacation rental property in Tamarindo is making your money go a bit farther than it might were you to choose more traditional lodging options like hotels. Generally you will get more for your money when booking a rental property, especially if you book in advance, look for off-season rates, or pool your resources with friends or family. This said, many properties have a sliding scale depending on season and availability. Again, this is another reason to work with a professional property management service because they will be able to fit you within your budget and give you a wide range of options based on your dates and flexibility. So what can you expect for your money?

Lower Price range: $50-$150 per day

Vacation Rental PoolGenerally in this price range you will find 1 and 2 bedroom condos that will be modestly appointed and have the basics in terms of amenities. Some modest “cabinas” might also be available in this range. Most will have semi-complete to complete kitchens, and modest furnishings. These options will tend to be either in Tamarindo center or a bit outside of town. Talk with your booking agent and don’t be afraid to ask specifics about the various options in this range as there can be wide differences in the quality of accommodations. Here again is where a reputable management company is invaluable, as they generally only represent well-maintained properties and will have photos available to their clients.

Moderate Price Range: $150-400 per day

Tamarindo vacation rental pool viewThe variety and number of rental options really opens up as you get into the moderate price range. Here you will find everything from nice 2 bedroom condominiums, modest homes, more upscale apartments, and even some more luxurious options at the higher end of the scale. This is where pooling your resources can be a great advantage to finding great deals for your stay. Most rentals in this range offer the ability to accommodate 4 or more people. Your booking agent should be able to provide you with options for accommodating larger groups or families. Again, ask questions, check out the photos and find a spot that is perfect for you.

Upper Price Range: $400-$1000+ per day

Tamarindo vacation rental dining room viewOkay, here is where your choices open up greatly, and you will have to be a bit more involved in the details of booking, since these properties tend to offer many amenities and options. As covered in the previous blog, the Tamarindo area offers many luxury locations and finding availability in this range is not too difficult as long as you book in advance. Here is where property management companies are really worth it. Many of these properties offer more in the way of services such as concierge, transportation, catering etc. These are great options for large groups and families and can be surprisingly competitive price-wise with the low and moderate range rentals when renting as a group of six and more. Most of the properties in this range are larger, sleep more and are in more desirable locations. Don’t be afraid to go a little bigger because you might find a nicer place for comparable money if you are willing to pool your resources.
The Tamarindo area has many options in the way of vacation rental pricing. In order to decide what’s right for you, do some research, and talk with a professional property management service that can steer you in the right direction and put you in a rental that is right for your budget and needs. Look for more tips on vacation rental success coming up in our next post.

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