Tips for Vacation Rentals in Tamarindo, pt. 2

Tamarindo Beach Sunset

Tips For Getting The Best Tamarindo Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Pt.2: Location Location Location!

In our last article for getting the best Tamarindo Costa Rica vacation rentals we covered the advantages of using a professional property management service to book your rental over using private owner booking services and Internet search sites.  Aside from the security and service offered by property management companies, there is also the advantage of variety.  A good management service will serve many properties and have a wide inventory and various locations to choose from.  In this installment we will cover your options in and around Tamarindo.  It’s all about Location, Location, Location!

Ok, so it’s your first time visiting the Tamarindo area and you want to find a rental that suits your needs to a tee.  Probably the first thing to consider is location.  Tamarindo is a unique area with a lot of variety and a lot to offer in a relatively small geographical area.  We have a bustling town center, the main beach, secluded beaches, hilltop hideaways with sweeping views, golf course frontage, and private nooks and crannies all around.  This can present a challenge to the first time vacation renter.  So you have to ask yourself where you want to be, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each particular location.  Well, we’ll break it down for you.

Tamarindo Village

photo of Tamarindo Village

This is where the action is.  You’ll find all you need here in a relatively compact area where most everything is within a 5 minute walk.  There are multiple stores, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.  There are also many accommodations to choose from here, including vacation rentals, which are mainly condominiums ranging from affordable efficiency style units to high rise penthouses.  If you like being centrally located to the more urbane aspects of the Tamarindo area this is the place for you.

The Beaches

Tamarindo Beach SunsetThe Tamarindo area is famous for it’s beaches and there are many vacation rental options on, or very near the sand and surf.  These options tend to be in the higher dollar range, but if you ask your property manager or booking agent they can probably place you in some affordable digs only a few steps from the sand.  There are three main beachside options in the area.  Tamarindo’s main beach has rental properties on its quieter south side with bungalows, estates, and residences as well as some condo options.  Playa Langosta is a bit farther south, about a kilometer, and has many options in the higher price range from huge beachside mansions, to luxury condos, with a few more modest residences and condos available as well.  You can walk to Tamarindo from here in about 10-15 minutes.  Playa Grande to the north of Tamarindo, across the estuary, also has some rental properties set back 100 meters from the protected Leatherback sea turtle sanctuary Baulas National Park.

Hilltop Hideaways

Tamarindo Hilltop Hideaway View

Set back above the village’s main center are the Tamarindo hills where you will find luxury estates, condos, and residences overlooking the dramatic Pacific Ocean.  If you are coming for the view, then this is place for you.  Most rentals here feature privacy, and panoramic ocean, estuary, and valley views that showcase the natural beauty of the region.  Access can be difficult on foot, so having transportation is recommended, but the vistas are probably worth it.

Surrounding Area

Tamarindo Vacation Rental

Tamarindo rental properties are not limited to beaches, town and hilltop.  There are many other options in, and around the greater Tamarindo area that cover all price ranges from luxury to more affordable options for renters who want something a bit more private or unique.  You can find private jungle estates, modestly priced condominiums, and everything in between, all dispersed within several miles of the main village.  The gated community at Hacienda Pinilla, 15 minutes out of town, even has golf–side rentals if that’s your thing. Talk to your booking agent or property management service to help you sort through the options to find your perfect spot.

Tamarindo truly has something for everyone in the way of vacation rental locations, it’ just a matter of deciding what’s right for you.  We recommend doing some research, and talking with a professional property management service that can steer you in the right direction and put you where you want to be. This should make your decision that much easier and give you the peace of mind upon arrival that your vacation rental location will be as enjoyable as possible. Look for more tips on vacation rental success coming up in our next post.

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