Things To Do In Costa Rica, Pt. 9

Great Things to do in Costa Rica: a 10 part series

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Part Nine: Tamarindo Sunset Tours

In part one of this ten part series, we discussed the different zip lining tour companies and packages available in Tamarindo. In part two, we explored some of the many restaurants and dining experiences found throughout Tamarindo. In part three we discussed the surfing scene of Tamarindo and the abundant surf breaks suitable for surfers of all skill levels. In part four, we discussed deep sea and sport fishing opportunities in Tamarindo. In part five, we explored the different golf courses found in the Tamarindo area. In part six, we looked at the nightlife scene that’s happening in Tamarindo. In part seven, we discussed scuba diving in, and around, Tamarindo, and the different scuba courses offered. In part eight, we talked about weddings in Tamarindo and why so many people choose to get married in paradise. In part nine, we’ll look at the beautiful sunset tours available through different tour operators.

Probably one of the most iconic images of Costa Rica is of the vibrantly colored sunset reflecting off the beautiful, blue ocean. Many different tour companies and private boats offer sunset cruises, with a variety of different amenities and activities to help create a memorable evening and make your vacation to Tamarindo unforgettable.

In Tamarindo, you have the option to book a private sunset cruise for you and your travel companions, or reserve a space on an open sunset cruise if you are traveling alone, or with a smaller group. Catamarans, ranging from 40 to 66 feet, can take groups of up to 85 passengers out on the water for an afternoon of activities like exploring remote beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, and dolphin and whale watching. Cruises end as the sun sets, and many catamarans include lunch and/or dinner, drinks, and sometimes entertainment. Prices for sunset cruises vary depending on whether you are booking a private cruise, the size of your party, the size of the boat, the amenities included, or if you are booking an open cruise and joining up with other travelers from all over the world.

Tamarindo Tour Center, Panache Sailing Tours, Marlin Del Rey, Blue Dolphin Sailing, and Sailing Hibiscus Catamaran Sail Tours are just a handful of the tour companies that offer sunset sailing tours. Most offer a 4 to 5 hour cruise through the tranquil waters of Guanacaste’s exotic bays, white sand beaches, and tropical jungles. Flying fish, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and sometimes whales can be spotted in the water as you relax on the boat with a drink in hand. Most tours drop anchor somewhere along the way, giving you a chance to go for a swim, snorkel, or explore a deserted white sand beach. Some boats offer beverages for purchase, while others have an open bar available. Snacks or dinner is served as well, depending on the boat that you are on.

Make sure and bring your camera so you can capture the beauty of the color changing sky as the sun sets beyond the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Your pictures of the unique and breathtaking experience will have your friends back home envious of your trip to Tamarindo.

If you are traveling with a large group, you may want to charter your own catamaran for a private sunset cruise. This is a great option for family vacations, family reunions, business or company trips, and of course, weddings or anniversary parties. You can book your sunset catamaran cruise online, well in advance of your trip, which is a smart idea if you want a private cruise or have a big party. If you have a smaller party or want to book a reservation on an open cruise, you can make arrangements in person, once you are in Tamarindo. Whichever company you decide to go with, once things is certain: your evening aboard a catamaran, watching the sunset over the ocean will be of the best experiences you have during your vacation in Tamarindo.

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