Things To Do In Costa Rica, Pt. 4

Great Things to do in Costa Rica: a 10 part series

Tamarindo fishing

Part Four: Tamarindo Fishing

In part one of this ten part series, we discussed the different zip lining tour companies and packages available in Tamarindo. In part two, we explored some of the many restaurants and dining experiences found throughout Tamarindo. In part three we discussed the surfing scene of Tamarindo and the abundant surf breaks suitable for surfers of all skill levels. In part four, we will discuss deep sea and sport fishing opportunities in Tamarindo.

Tamarindo was once a quiet fishing hamlet, so it’s no surprise that while it has grown to be an internationally known destination, fishing is still a major aspect to the culture and vibe of Tamarindo. Fishing charter companies offer year round deep sea fishing excursions, giving visitors the chance to catch a variety of species including Sailfish, Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and Grouper, among many others. The waters off the coast of Tamarindo are world famous for year ’round sport fishing, with the catch rate remaining consistent throughout the year. On average, boats only run for 30 minutes to an hour before beginning to fish, so you can spend more time fishing, not chasing the fish. Tamarindo is located at the southern end of the shallow, plankton-rich Papagayo Gulf and in close proximity to the Continental Shelf, which is why this area is so famous for great sport fishing.

A variety of boats, captains, and tour packages are available in Tamarindo thanks to the plentiful fish. Tour operators offer different fishing experiences, but most all will offer a half day or full day fishing excursion, with breakfast or lunch, beverages, bait, equipment, and everything else included. Prices vary depending on the company, the boat size, the number of people in the party, and the length of the trip. Inshore or offshore, fly fishing, conventional methods, bottom fishing, and trolling are available in the area with different tour operators.

Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainable development and ecotourism exists within the sport fishing industry as well. Catch and release for billfish species, such as Sailfish and Marlin, is strictly adhered to. When booking a sport fishing excursion, make sure and book with a trusted company such as Capullo Sportfishing, Osprey Sport Fishing, Kingpin Sport Fishing, or Go Fish. The Costa Rican government has recently placed strict limits on long line fishing operations, shark fining, and marine park protection. Thanks to the Costa Rican government’s and fishing company’s commitment to marine protection and adherence to these laws and regulations, Costa Rica remains the number one sport fishing destination in the world.

Spending some time out on the open ocean is a memorable way to spend a day or two in Costa Rica. Catching your own fresh seafood dinner is a unique experience and definitely one for the books. Thanks to the great weather conditions and the perfect location of Tamarindo, this activity can be enjoyed any time during the year, so whenever you are booking your trip to Tamarindo, you’ll be able to book a deep sea sport fishing trip as well.

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