Tamarindo For Your Destination Wedding

Why Tamarindo?


Being a destination wedding planner in Costa Rica, I’m lucky to be able to offer my clients the perfect wedding they want with all the benefits of such a spectacular tropical setting. But Tamarindo offers couples and their guests even more than many other destinations in Costa Rica.

Foremost, Tamarindo’s weather is unbeatable. We have more dry days than most other parts of the country, giving clients a longer rain-free window in which to plan their special day. Rainy season or not, the days are chock full of glorious sunshine, and just enough of a light sea breeze to make the heat comfortable.

Naturally, our beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country, and we’re famous for that. Tamarindo beach, plus the little beaches nearby, offer breathtaking sunsets that make the perfect backdrop for the wedding photo couples will cherish forever.

It’s not just the wedding day itself to which Tamarindo has so much to contribute. For groups who are staying for anywhere from 5 to 10 days, there’s plenty nearby to keep people of all ages occupied. There are A-list restaurants, excellent shopping and plenty of live music and entertainment, all within easy walking distance of your hotel. Couples and their guests can take in a sunset catamaran cruise, drive ATVs, go on nature walks, do a canopy tour and even try surfing, all here in town.

Plus, when it comes to a selection of accommodations, no other destination has Tamarindo beat. We have luxurious beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, villas or vacation condos to make your stay perfect, and the accommodations fit into all price ranges.

For the big day, there’s also a wide selection of venues to fit any budget and theme the couple is looking for.

So why Tamarindo? It’s absolutely the perfect place for a destination wedding and offers something for everyone in a wedding group.

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