Rainy or Dry, Any Season’s A Good Season To Get Married!

Costa Rica has two seasons: rainy, also known as winter, and dry, also known as summer.  Although the months can vary from region to region, there are still only two seasons.  In Tamarindo, which is located in Guanacaste, rainy season starts mid-May and ends the beginning of November and dry season begins mid-November and ends mid-May.

Dry season is always considered the perfect season for getting married in the Tamarindo area, and while the weather is lovely, some may say “perfect”, don’t dismiss those rainy months, as there are some benefits to them also.

When we say rainy season, you may be thinking rain, all day, everyday.  Think again.  From May until about September, we are getting rain for about an hour or two every other day in the afternoon.  Mornings are sunny and lovely.  In fact, the weather is quite comfortable, as the rain will cool things off.

Dry season or summer is peak season in the Tamarindo area.  Summer can bring crowds and higher rates, while the rainy season will be quieter, fewer crowds, and it will be less expensive.   You will find that rates for your hotels and even flights and rental cars can be up to 50% less expensive.  Hotels offer special packages and venues are more open to negotiation.  And when hotels are less full, so are the beaches.  It can feel as though you have your own private beach.  Also note that the rainy season here is summer in the States, which means family and friends are more likely to travel.

Consider these things when you want to plan your wedding during rainy season:

  • Travel expenses can be cut in half, a plus for you and your guests.
  • Many people are already planning on taking time off during the summer months in the States, so more guests are likely to attend.
  • Plenty of vacancy for you and your guests at reduced rates.
  • Venues are more likely to negotiate on rates for your reception.
  • You are less likely to have observers in the background of your beach ceremony.☺

As a wedding coordinator planning a wedding during rainy season, there are certain things we will do to insure your day is perfect with or without rain, even for an outdoor event. photo of tent

  • We will rent a tent, which can be the most cozy, romantic setting for an outdoor reception in a garden or on the beach.  Lights and lanterns can be strung, creating a beautiful glow.
  • We can have a “Plan B”, which we always have anyway.
  • We know you want that outdoor ceremony, so we remain flexible.  If it rains, we wait for the sun.  Many times, the rain can start and stop within a matter of minutes.

photo of sunset


And if all these points have not convinced you that rainy season is just as good as dry, think about the sunsets for your ceremony.  The sunsets are spectacular, with clouds that reflect the setting sun with hues of pinks, oranges and purples.




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