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A wedding coordinator is someone who works with various vendors and makes sure your big day and the months leading up to it are as stress free as possible.  Your Costa Rican wedding coordinator will be doing all of the above and more, however all will be done in Spanish.  They will negotiate your hotel/condos/private homes, work with the florist and the rental company for your decor, organize entertainment, negotiate food and beverage, make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible and much more!

If you want a Costa Rican wedding and are unsure if you want a coordinator, consider the following things:


  • Traveling within Costa Rica.  There are many ways of getting around Costa Rica:  plane, bus, rental car, shuttle, even bicycle if you’d like.  Your wedding coordinator will assist you in getting you from point A to point B the best way possible for you and your group.  We understand that there can be older guests, those that want an adventure, those on a budget and many other factors that affect transportation within the country.
  • Costa Rica, a Spanish speaking country.  Spanish is spoken in Costa Rica, and except for the Costa Ricans in towns with high tourism, you will find little to no English.  You will find that all the vendors, florists, rental companies, Latin bands, entertainment, transportation, etc. speak mostly Spanish.  To get the best possible rates and best treatment, its good to go through your wedding coordinator, as it will not be the first or last time they have worked with the vendors.
  • Availability of items.  For many couples, although not all, the design is very important.  Your wedding coordinator knows what is available in Costa Rica.  They know what they can get from the rental company, as some items are hard to find or can be very expensive.  Your wedding coordinator also knows what is available from the florist, what flowers are in season, what is budget friendly, what is not, etc.  We can also make recommendations to the bride and groom as to what can be brought down with them, whether for added décor or to save additional money.
  • photo of secluded beachSpecial little secrets.  There are many little secrets that wedding coordinators keep to themselves and do not like to share with just anyone, except their brides and grooms.  Every coordinator knows of various beautiful and secluded beaches, fun décor additions, fabulous venues, a great DJ, or special entertainment that can make a wedding special.  They are also items that would require hours to research, if doing this on your own.
  • Rest and relaxation.  You are not only in Costa Rica for your wedding, you are here to spend time with your family and friends in an exotic location.  It will be a once in a lifetime experience.  We want to make sure that you truly have time to enjoy it and do not spend your days stressing over your wedding, that is our job!  It’s important that not only your time in Costa Rica is special and relaxing, its also important that the months and days leading up to your wedding day are special and relaxing.

These are a few things to consider before you decide on planning your own wedding in Costa Rica or using a local coordinator.

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