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In the restaurant business there are a few things which bring a better profit than the rest, and we’re not talking about steak or seafood. The shortlist starts with selling booze, but includes breakfast food, desserts, and pizza. It’s for this reason that tourist towns, from Asia to Latin America, are usually loaded with lots of these outfits.

What separates one from the other comes down to details. Tamarindo is no different. This is by no means a complete list of pizza options in Tamarindo. Many restaurants serve pizza as an ancillary option, but these are the places that mostly or only do pizza.

We’ll talk about any known history, how long they’ve been around, in what ways they specialize, what is their cheapest pie and whether or not they deliver. In order to make this list the pizzeria had to at least have a Facebook page.

Tamarindo PizzaLa Baula

Background: Labeled a pizza bar, La Baula is one of Tamarindo’s longest standing restaurants. They offer a rustic off the beaten path destination, which is slowly being encroached upon by the growth of Tamarindo. That growth hasn’t hurt Baula any. They still rank as one of Tamarindo’s best stone-baked pizzerias.

Since: 1996

What’s their specialty? Thin crust pizza with unique toppings. For ingredients, they specialize in prosciutto, arugula, and Parmesan, but “The Baula” supreme pizza, is a puttanesca with anchovies and capers.

Cheapest Pie? Pies start around $10.00

Delivery? Yes, through Tico To Go.

Tamarindo PizzaLa Esquina

Background: Esquina, in case you didn’t know, means corner in Spanish. This makes the name a popular epithet to any business, as everyone wants to be on that primo corner spot. Next to Baula, La Esquina is the next sit down pizzeria with fan appeal. They also offer cocktails and stone-oven-made pizzas.

Since: Their oldest Trip Advisor review is from 2010, but we believe they predate Trip Advisor.

What’s their specialty? Thin crust fire-cooked pizza. They also make some killer desserts.

Cheapest Pie? It’s a little over $9.00 for the Margarita.

Delivery? Yes, through Tico To Go.

Tamarindo PizzaLa Pachanga

Background: Attached to the Mamiri hotel, on the first floor, La Pachanga delivers a casual Italian dining experience. They serve a full Italian menu, which used to be chuffed by Chef Schlomy, who now is the chef next door at Seasons Restaurant.

Since: Prior to 2007

What’s their specialty? Despite calling themselves a pizzeria, LA Pachanga is well known for its huge plates of pasta.

Cheapest Pie? It’s $11 for a small pizza, $15 and up for family-size.

Delivery? Via Tico To Go

Tamarindo PizzaAntioch Sapori

Background: Located in Garden Plaza Tamarindo, the mall where you find the Auto Mercado, Antichi Sapori was started by Giuseppe and his wife, Italian immigrants from Sicily. They’ve enjoyed rave reviews since opening, jumping them to the top of Trip Advisor in less than a year.

Since? 2015.

What’s their specialty? They pride themselves on serving authentic Sicilian food, and not just pizzas. They also serve pastas, antipasti, and desserts. They even have gluten-free options.

Cheapest Pie? Start at $8

Delivery? Dine in only.

Tamarindo PizzaEl Sapo Langosta

Background: The former owners of another pizzeria in Tamarindo, these Italians moved their stone oven pizza baking skills to Langosta, in the empty shell of a prior restaurant.

Since: 2015

What’s their specialty? Stone-baked Italian pies, built with authentic Italian ingredients.

Cheapest Pie? $8 Margarita

Delivery? Via Tico To Go

Tamarindo PizzaPizza & Co.

Background: Initially opened in 2012 by Italians, PIZZA&CO closed in 2013 when the owners had to leave Tamarindo. The restaurant was purchased by a couple from California, rebranded and reopened that July.

Since: 2013

What’s their specialty? They are a take out pizzeria, as they call themselves the “smallest pizzeria powerhouse in Tamarindo.” Their focus is on US-style pizza, made as quickly as possible for less than the other guys. Their secret weapon is their imported Italian ovens.

Cheapest Pie? Their Margarita is their cheapest pie, at $7.00

Delivery? They offer free delivery until 4PM, then you can call Tico to Go.

Tamarindo PizzaVulcano

Background: Formerly the Portofino Pizzeria, French immigrants purchased the old stone-fired pizzeria in 2014. They overhauled the interior, updating the style for a more modern look, and tweaked the menu.

Since: 2014

What’s their specialty? Wood fired pizzas

Cheapest Pie? A Ham and Cheese pizza starts just over $6.00.

Delivery? Via Tico To Go

Tamarindo PizzaCabana Blanca

Background: In the space formerly known as Colibri Cafe, Cabana Blanca brought pizza to a new part of Tamarindo. Since they opened, the business has changed hands a couple of time, but they still serve pizza with an ocean view.

Since: 2014

What’s their specialty? Oven baked Italian pizza on the beach

Cheapest Pie? They serve a small margarita for $3

Delivery? No

Tamarindo PizzaNari

Background: An extension of the Diria, one of the most venerable hotels in Tamarindo, Nari was conceived with European style in mind. They built Tamarindo’s only two tiered dining space, complete with a tropical tree growing through both floors.

Since: Not sure.

What’s their specialty? Nari offers a variety of wooden pizzas in a cozy atmosphere.

Cheapest Pie? $12.00 to start

Delivery? No

While it may seem like Tamarindo is just another pizza town, consider that each pizzeria in Tamarindo tries to offer it’s own spin on the experience. Toppings vary. Service too. It would take you two weeks, at least, to try every pizzeria in Tamarindo. We say, “go for it.”


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