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Wherever there’s food, there’s bound to follow, music. This is never truer than in Tamarindo. In fact, Tamarindo has so much soul, you can discover music wandering in between food venues, loitering on the streets or floating on sunset cruises. After the sun sets, one of the defining features of this tourist town are the many sounds which ride on the wings of her culinary bouquets.

Even during the slower months of the year, look for these acts. The best place to find updates on where they play is the Swell Dealer publication, which also has a website. The Swell Dealer will keep you apprised of music up and down the Guanacaste coast.


Off the beaten path | musicGlasseye – This five-man band mashes up sounds from rock, reggae, hip-hop and funk in one, energy-fueled dance party. Wherever they play, folks cannot help but get out of their seats to flip off their flops. Don’t be too surprised when they throw in some country, if you count Johnny Cash as country.



Off the beaten path | music

The Leatherbacks – An anchor in the Tamarindo music scene, The Leatherbacks have been rocking since 1997. For years they’ve hosted the famous open mic nights at Pasatiempo, recently taking up gigs at The Loose Moose, but they play everywhere. Plan to rock your socks off.



Off the beaten path | musicJesse Bishop – Currently playing in the band Los Tingos, Jesse has played with many people over the years. He is a skilled rhythm and solo guitar player, as well as a versatile vocalist and overall entertainer. Track him down, with whomever and wherever he plays.



Drivesdale – The lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the band Glassy, Bradley Brown brands himself as Drivesdale when he goes solo. Drivesdale will pair up with interesting acts like DJ’s to bring a totally unique sound from what he presents with Glasseye.

Joe Hrbek – The saxophone end of Glasseye, Hrbek is a street savvy player from New York who can really wail on that horn. Don’t expect the act where the sax guy stands in the spotlight, leaning back. Hrbek is known for his antics running around the stage, clapping wildly to engage the crowd.

Off the beaten path | musicKimi Tortuga – Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, Kimi is a singer-songwriter who plays guitar. Her soulful sound ranges from blues and rock to folk. She is often found playing with Joe Hrbek, but may be found playing solo, depending. Expect moving sound from Kimi.



Off the beaten path | musicKevin Falkenberg – From Vancouver, besides being a talented guitarist and singer, Kevin is known for usually rocking out shirtless. In fact, you may find him playing with less around Halloween. His style is driving rock, a blend of Johnny Cash and Prince, but all heart.




Off the beaten path | musicTony & Roy (Wed @ Dragonfly) – Roy, who sometimes plays with The Leatherbacks, joins forces with Tony’s flamenco guitar to create one of Tamarindo’s most unique sounds. The set-up includes more percussion instruments than you think Roy will play, but he works them all in. Expect the unexpected.



Tony Flamenco – The guitar half of Tony and Roy, Tony puts on quite a show by himself. If you plan to learn by watching him play, forget it. His fingers move way too fast. If you can keep up, you can try dancing, but you may be too mesmerized to try.

There are many more acts that blow through town or crop up amongst the existing talent. The expiration date on this blog is not far out, so plan to do some hunting. If history is any indication of the future, there will only exist more food and music in the years to come.

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