Off the Beaten Path | 3 Unique Activities In Tamarindo

With the Off the Beaten Path series, we always try to bring you a different perspective, attempting to sway you from the typical tourist journey. Every time we think we’ve exhausted every last nook and cranny of Tamarindo’s off trail experience, there is something else to do. Some of these are smaller adventures, not so full to warrant a full blog outlining the details, not without giving away the whole story. Today, we bring you three of these experiences. Each of them could fill half a day, but should each get a whole day to themselves. We hope you enjoy finding these adventures as much as we had telling you about them.

Off the beaten pathGuaitil Pottery Studio

Mud baths aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but playing with clay affords you some of the same benefits with the potential for a beautiful piece of artwork when complete. In the rotunda, at the end of the main road into Tamarindo, there is a little clay shop. There, the owner will teach you how to throw a clay pot, Costa Rican style. Handed down through generations of Chorotegans is the tradition of making pots out of clay. Chorotegans are the nation of people who contribute part of the native profile for this region. What they teach you in the shop is not too far off what you may know from grade school, but now you can add Costa Rican flair to your list of talents. Why buy pottery made by someone else, when you can make your won Costa Rican pot to take home? You not only get the pot, but the experience of an authentic local craft.

Off the beaten pathLa Senda (Tamarindo Labyrinth)

The La Senda farm sits just outside Tamarindo. It is not only unique to Tamarindo, it’s truly one of Earth’s unique features. Besides horseback riding, private tours, and dining, La Senda offers visitors a trip through the world’s largest labyrinth. If you are a fan of puzzles, mysteries or the metaphysical, you’re gonna love this place. Even if you aren’t, you’ll find the grounds and story fascinating. Before you go bursting onto the property, we recommend calling ahead to make reservations. Most visitors will make an event out of the visit, experiencing all that the property has to offer. We won’t spoil it, but your time at La Senda will be full of space to reflect. It will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Off the beaten pathDinner at The Great Waltini’s (Hotel Bula Bula)

Tamarindo isn’t shy for dining establishments. Town is brimming with cuisine options from pizza to falafel. None of the options, however, offer you a chance to tour the estuary as part of your experience. Sure, you could simply book an estuary tour, but there is no meal served on those tours. The ride to Bula Bula is magical. You will see wildlife. Don’t be surprised to see crocodiles or even shark fins, in addition to the numerous birds, which live in the estuary. The Great Waltini’s is only open for dinner, so don’t go for lunch. The good part is, the estuary ride back is full of more magic. There, you’ll enjoy some of the best star gazing in Tamarindo. There are no lights on the estuary, save the occasional bioluminescence splashes in the wake.

When life takes you off the beaten path, be open to discomfort but also be prepared for it. Do smart things like wear sunblock and mosquito repellent, but don’t do dumb things like speak irreverently. You will take more from these experiences the less you fill the time with speaking. Ask smart questions, but only so you can listen, not think of another question. Let the silence teach you more than anything.

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