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10 Tips for Taking Amazing Underwater Photos in Costa Rica

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Blog by Tamarindo Family Photos Here are my beginner tips on how to take amazing underwater photos in Costa Rica. 1. Buy a solid underwater camera housing. Read reviews online and find something decent. I use a Canon G10, which is an above-water camera, with an amazing housing that I got for about $250 new on Amazon. This case has lasted me over 5 years and I really

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How to Take Amazing Monkey Pictures in Costa Rica

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By: Genna Marie Monkey Photo Tip #1: Ditch your iPhone  I do NOT recommend taking monkey photos with your iPhone. I mean, technically you could succeed – but unless you’re Jane Goodall you probably won’t be able to get close enough to these creatures to nab a phenomenal iPhone photo. Tip number one is to ditch your iPhone and pick up a DSLR

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How to Shoot a Sunset Photo with an iPhone

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How to shoot a sunset photo

You’re in Costa Rica, looking at the vivid pinks, purples and oranges of the sunset. You pull out your iPhone and snap a picture, so excited to show it to all of your friends back home. But when you get back to the hotel, you realize your photo looks like monkey poop. What went wrong? Here are some tips and tricks to taking a stellar sunset photograph with an

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