Groom and Groomsmen Wedding Attire for Tamarindo, Costa Rica

There are many trends and endless ideas for the attire of the groomsmen and groom.  However, there is something different about getting married in Tamarindo; there is something here that allows you to be a bit more eclectic, funky, fun and yet you can still be traditional and formal.  Because the locations here are endless (formal outdoor beachfront luxury private home to local Costa Rican restaurant), the options for attire become endless.

Below are some ideas of dress for the groom and groomsmen in the wedding party, from formal, semi formal, which I also like to call, “tropical chic”, to casual.  I’ve also added a little note to each, on how to “mix it up” a bit, adding a little something special or different.


photo of groomsmen in grey suits
A grey suit, collared shirt, tie and a pair of brown or black shoes.  A tux is not common, although we have seen it and it looks great, but a formal wedding at the beach in Tamarindo is just a little more understated than a formal wedding in, say, the States.  Remember its hot here!



photo of yellow tiephoto of converse sneakers

Mix it up

Consider adding a brightly colored tie and/or a bright floral boutonniere.


Wear a pair of Vans or Converse sneakers.


Semi Formal

photo of tan suits
A tan suit, collared shirt, tie or no tie and a pair of brown shoes or flip-flops. Going from a grey suit to tan suit brings the wedding formality down just a notch.




photo of seersucker suitphoto of suspenders

Mix it up

Another suit option would be seersucker.


Add a pair of suspenders.




photo of wedding couple
This can be anything from a simple white linen shirt and khaki pants to shorts and a blue linen shirt with flip-flops or even barefoot.





photo of wedding couplephoto of wedding couple

Mix it up

Roll up the cuffs of your pants.


Instead of a boutonniere, maybe a lei.



Ring Bearer

And we can’t forget about our little ring bearer. He could wear a mini version of whatever the groomsmen and groom are wearing, but consider some super fun accessories…
photo of wedding signphoto of ring bearer pillow
Mix it up

He could hold a sign saying, “Here Comes the Bride”.


Instead of a traditional pillow, what about a pillow made of flowers OR a piece of driftwood

For the groom and groomsmen, ideas are endless when it comes to attire and accessories.  Most importantly, it’s important to be comfortable and feel good in what you’re wearing!!

What are some of your ideas?

Brides, please check out great ideas for you at Bride’s and Bridesmaid’s Wedding Attire for Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

These are a few things to consider before you decide on planning your own wedding in Costa Rica or using a local coordinator.

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