Gift Bags for your Destination Wedding Guests

Your family and friends are traveling a long way for your wedding and wedding festivities, and of course, why wouldn’t they?!  So make sure they feel as welcomed and as comfortable as possible.  Keep in mind that Tamarindo, traveling internationally (let alone traveling in general), is very new and/or stressful to many people.  One way of calming nerves and making your guests feel comfortable is by giving them a gift bag upon their arrival.

Gift bag items

There are many flavors and products that are made right here; these are perfect, inexpensive ways to introduce your guests to Costa Rica.  A few of these include:

  • Lizano – Costa Rican sauce.  Mild in spice, but strong in flavor. Tomato based and great on anything from eggs to steak.
  • Imperial and Pilsen – Local beers, a lighter ale.
  • Guaro or Cacique – An alcohol made of sugar cane, it is more like a light rum or vodka.  It is very strong and inexpensive.
  • Fried Plantains – Just like potato chips, but they are plantains.  As potato chips, they come in a variety of flavors; lemon and salt, plain, bbq, etc.
  • Dulce de Leche Caramels – Dulce de Leche is like caramel, but a little darker and richer.
  • Fruits – There are a variety of local fruits, their seasons range throughout the year, but to include some fruit in your guests bag is a healthy way to great them.  Fruits include, but not limited to, passion fruit, mango, leche, pineapple, star fruit, coconut/pipas and bananas.
  • Flowers – There are many bright, fragrant tropical flowers to give your guests.  They include red and pink ginger, bird of paradise, heliconia, orchids and more.

Being in a foreign country with a new language, new setting, new EVERYTHING, I’ve found that it can be very helpful to give your guests some basic information.  A pamphlet or little booklet that gives them information for their stay can make all the difference.  Here are some ideas:

  • Letter from the Bride and Groom – Thank them for coming.  Traveling overseas can be very difficult for some.
  • Wedding Week Schedule – Tell your guests where to be, when to be there, and what to bring/wear.  Guests can get forgetful when on vacation and in a new place, so tell them to “Bring your dancing shoes to the bride and groom’s house at 5pm on Friday” (for example).
  • Spanish/English Translations – Give them a few key words and phrases translated from English to Spanish.  Don’t forget to include the pronunciation.
  •  A List of Things to Do – Giving your guests a list of places to shop, restaurants you know are good, and tours that will give them a true Costa Rican experience can make all the difference in their stay.

A Fun Tidbit – You could also include a fun piece of information that they may use or enjoy in Costa Rica or at home.  Perhaps a “Tres Leches” recipe or instructions on making a “Michelada”.

These are just a handful of ideas that will make your guests’ Costa Rican experience that much better.


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