Destination Wedding Invitations

So you’ve already sent out your save-the-dates and now you are ready to begin working on your destination wedding invitations.  There are a few important pieces of information that you share on your wedding invitation:

  • Most important:  Who’s wedding is it?
  • Who is hosting the wedding?
  • Where is it?
  • When is it (date and time)?

You will include all the above information, but be sure you consult your wedding coordinator before printing anything, as the sunsets vary slightly throughout the year and we consult with the photographer to figure out the best time for your ceremony start time, etc.  Because you may also have a shuttle for your guests, you could also mention that guests will receive detailed information upon their arrival to Costa Rica.  Then, as guests arrive, either leave them a gift bag with some local goodies (visit this blog for more details on gift bags) and a booklet with helpful tidbits, a kind note and a detailed schedule for the week.  Using the schedule you have now given them, they will know when and where everything is, where guests should meet for shuttles, ceremony start time, etc.  Even if you have sent the invitation with time and date, guests are on vacation, and all sense of time and date goes out the window, so this note is a great reminder for them and often much appreciated!

As far as sending your invitations, guests are usually given about 1 month to RSVP.  You can send them out about 3 months before the wedding, and ask for the RSVP to be returned by 1.5 months.  It is always better to have these earlier than later.  Although your wedding coordinator is taking care of all details down here for you, there are still those stresses that come along with being a bride and a groom, and you do not want to have to worry about those last minute responses, counting, seating arrangements, etc.  By asking for them sooner, you can have your final count, hopefully one month out from the wedding.  This will allow for all to be solidified and you can focus on other things, such as packing, or accessories, or tours….the fun stuff!

There are several sites that offer fantastic wedding invitations.  One of my favorites is Wedding Paper Divas.  They offer everything from save the date cards, wedding announcements,  wedding invitations, thank you cards, escort cards, menus, and so much more!  All items come in a variety of price ranges for any budget, which everyone likes.  Here are a few of our favorites:

 Travel Theme:

Travel theme wedding invitation


Floral wedding invitation


Natural theme wedding invitation


Beachy theme wedding invitation


Fun wedding invitation

Modern Photo:

Modern Photo wedding invitation


Traditional wedding invitation

 And for a little something extra, we found this PERFECT passport wedding invitation.  Of course these will be a bit pricier, but definitely a sweet little keepsake.  Because it’s custom, you could add additional pages with activity ideas, or Spanish translations, or a special note to your guests.


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