Costa Rican Flowers

Costa Rican flowers come in all shapes and sizes, and are always colorful.  Flowers are an important aspect of any wedding, and selecting the right flowers to withstand the warm weather in Costa Rica is important.  The flowers listed below are always in season, are durable, in the sense that they last, and always give any bouquet or flower arrangement that tropical Costa Rican feel.



Ginger is probably one of the most common and well-known tropical flowers.  It’s long lasting, sturdy and makes a bold statement in red and pink.   However it has a large “family” as the flowers can range in style, but similar shapes.  It ranges from small to large sizes, which means its great for boutonnieres and large centerpieces.  It’s inexpensive and always readily available.  In the photo you will see three different types of ginger, Red Ginger, Torch Ginger and Beehive Ginger (also known as Maraca).  You’ll see how both a pink Torch Ginger and a Beehive Ginger can be used in a soft romantic looking bouquet.


photos of heliconia flowersHeliconia

A very bold flower and often used as more of a “statement” piece.   It ranges in shades of yellows to reds and deep oranges.  There are three types of Heliconia:  Erect and Pendant, which are both quite large, from 6-8 inches to a few feet and, the smallest of Heliconia, Psittacorum (which is more of a loose, less structured type of Heliconia).


photos of bird of paradise flowersBird of Paradise

A flower in orange and blue/purple, with its unique shape, like that of a bird, gives character and interest to any arrangement.  Like the other tropical flowers described, this too is very durable, and can stand up to the heat.



anthurium photosAnthurium

Anthuriums are not quite as resistant to the heat, due to their single large, thin, waxy “leaf”, and spike (spadix).  They come in many shades, including, green, white, dark pink, pale pink and red.  They have to be carefully worked into bouquets and arrangements, as they are such a statement flower.


photos of orchidsOrchids

The most popular flower for most brides is the orchid.  Orchids come in many colors, including red, purple, fuchsia, white with yellow, white with purple, orange, green yellow, and so on.  They range from Oncidium, Cymbidium, Phalaeonopsis, Dendrobium, Miltonia, Cattleya and many many more.   They give any bouquet a soft, subtle, tropical elegance.  A common misconception is that the orchid is going to be very inexpensive locally, however, due to Costa Rica exporting many of its orchids to other countries, Orchids can be moderately to high priced, depending on season and availability.

The flowers above are very colorful and can be great accent flowers.  For those who want to incorporate their favorite flower from home, perhaps give the “bold” flowers above a softer feel, or just don’t want an entirely tropical arrangement, the flowers listed below, among others, are found easily and are generally available in Costa Rica.

photos of assorted flowersRoses
Star of Bethlehem
Gerber Daisies
Cala Lily

Creating a design proposal and making sure you get the flowers you want for your event can be one of the many obstacles in planning a destination wedding without a wedding coordinator.  You may experience the following things if working with a florist directly:

  • Florists in Costa Rica, have Spanish names for most flowers, and may or may not know the English translations.
  • At times certain flowers may not be readily available for your wedding, and some florists will substitute something else for the flower you may want, without letting you know.
  • You may not receive a very good rate, while a wedding coordinator will work with florists regularly and can receive slightly better rates.


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