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How to Save Money Planning a Wedding in Tamarindo


Tamarindo Wedding Planning photoWeddings should always reflect the individual personalities and priorities of the couple getting married. In our opinion there is no need to go into debt when planning your Tamarindo wedding. The most important factor is personalizing your wedding and making it meaningful. As experienced Tamarindo wedding planners, we have worked with many couples that want to keep their budget under control. To get you started on saving money with your wedding in Tamarindo we’ve listed below some of our “tried and true” cost effective strategies for making your Tamarindo wedding memorable and remaining within your budget.

Trim the Guest List

Keeping your guest list smaller will cut your catering and bar costs, save money on invitations, the number of centerpieces you require, and the wedding favors. Avoid any pressure you may feel to include distant family members, work colleagues and any one you haven’t stayed in touch with for the past 3 years.

The Wedding Venue

For weddings in Tamarindo there are numerous selections of venues that offer beautiful settings, superb service and fantastic food for your reception. These venues include boutique hotels and beach front resorts in all price ranges. To save money on your Tamarindo wedding, consider hosting your wedding at a resort or hotel venue which will always cost less than a reception at a villa or house. This is because often a villa or a house is not equipped to cater a large party and extra costs are incurred for renting and transporting tables, linens, place settings, and required kitchen equipment.


For reception music consider a DJ instead of a live band. This will save you hundreds of dollars. The advantage of a DJ is you get a master of ceremony to move the reception along and they are much less expensive than a band. If you truly want only live music, consider a band within the Tamarindo area which will save money on transportations costs and lodging for the band members- thus also saving you money.

Hire a Tamarindo Wedding Planner

Some couples think that when their wedding budget is already stretched thin, a good way to cut costs is to try to plan and coordinate their wedding on their own-NOT TRUE. What many couples don’t realize is that working with a Tamarindo wedding planner will always save you money — the planner knows the area like no others, knows the best local vendors, where to get the best local prices and is most experienced with working all the Tamarindo wedding venues. Hiring a wedding planner in Tamarindo will insure that when you arrive for your wedding all you have to do is…relax!

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