Commonly Asked Questions for the Wedding Planner

When a client first contacts me about planning their wedding in Costa Rica, there are several questions that come up pretty frequently.

The most important one is what the weather is like here in Tamarindo, and what time of year is best to plan a wedding. In order to avoid the afternoon showers during the rainy season, I often recommend couples plan their destination wedding between late November and April. Any time of year is beautiful here in Tamarindo of course.

Tropical setting for weddingNext, we discuss the perfect location. That’s going to be based on the number of people who will be attending and how they see their wedding happening, such as the theme or the style of the wedding. Budget comes into play here too, so I work hard to make sure all the elements fit with the couple’s needs.

Couples will say they want food stations for the wedding, or a BBQ on the beach, or maybe something simple – not a lot of decor with just the ocean as a backdrop. With all this in mind, I match the venue to the client.

My services also offer help finding accommodations for the couple and their group. I can recommend hotels and arrange transportation. Then, I can also help by booking activities for the couple and guests for when it’s not the wedding day, such as a welcome luau, a catamaran cruise, rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties and plenty more.

For the most part, my clients have a good idea of how they want their wedding to happen. My team and I been working here in Tamarindo for many years, so we only work with tried and true vendors who know how weddings need to be done for North Americans. Over the years, we’ve build sturdy connects that make a wedding day absolutely perfect.  We know who quality vendors are and those are the only ones we use.

After the big decisions – a date, venue and theme – have been taken care of, I work with the couple on the smaller details that will personalize their special day and transform it into an unforgettable event.

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