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The most popular option for a destination wedding ceremony is the beach, overlooking the water.  For many, it’s what you think of when you close your eyes and imagine your wedding in Costa Rica.  What else do you imagine when you close your eyes?  Often times a simple canopy with white cloth is all that’s needed, but this can be personalized and made a little more special by incorporating a little bit more of you.

white canopy on beach
Here is your basic canopy with white cloth, lovely in itself, but always fun to customize:


To your basic canopy, we can add two cylinders with twisted branches, accented with fuchsia orchids, OR any color or flower for that matter.  The design is still soft, romantic, and lovely, great for the beach.

All the lovely, organic, natural wood that washes up on the beach, with a faded natural finish, can make for a beautiful canopy, with or without flowers. This can be accented with candles, lanterns and maybe some simple greenery.

canopy beach wedding


Cover your arch or canopy in flowers. Although this can become expensive, it is still not over the top and is lovely for a semi-formal, barefoot wedding.
Unique seating
If you don’t want to change the canopy, consider spicing up the seating…

Canopy aisle decor
…or the aisle décor.

These are just a few ways of updating and turning that white canopy into something personal and special.


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