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10 things you should know when buying Tamarindo real estate


In part one of this ten part series, we discussed the Costa Rican legal system and how it differs from the U.S. legal system. In part two, we discussed how to choose a realtor. In part three, we discussed property managers and the services they provide in maintaining and renting your vacation home. In the fourth installment, we discussed the various taxes that may apply when owning Tamarindo real estate. In part five, we discussed the various utilities that service your new home. In part six, we discussed the types of insurance available for your Tamarindo Real Estate and how to obtain insurance policies. In the seventh installment, we discussed the different types of, and ways to obtain, residency in Costa Rica. In part 8, we discussed hiring domestic help for your Tamarindo Real Estate.  In the ninth installment, we discussed enrolling your child in school in Costa Rica. In this tenth and final part of the series, we will discuss some of the fun and exciting activities you can do while enjoying your Tamarindo Real Estate.

Fun Activities in Tamarindo

One thing is certain about living in Tamarindo:  you will never run out of fun and exciting things to do! The Tamarindo area is full of a variety of activities for anyone to participate in, so whether you are relocating by yourself or with the whole family, you’ll have plenty of options to stay busy and explore new hobbies.

Water Activities

Tamarindo originally became a famous tourist destination because of  the beautiful beaches, excellent for all types of water activities and of course, surfing. Tamarindo is one of the best beaches for beginners who want to learn how to surf for the first time or improve their surfing skills. For more experienced surfers who want to challenge themselves, nearby Playa Grande offers bigger waves and faster breaks. Tamarindo is filled with surf shops, offering board rentals and lessons, so anyone who is interested in hitting the waves will have the chance to do so.

In addition to surfing, Tamarindo is a great place to play at the beach. Spending hours playing in the waves or lounging on the beach is always an option. For those wanting to get out on the water and enjoy Tamarindo from a different vantage point, there are sunset catamaran tours or deep sea fishing packages. World class fishing tours are available in half day and full day options. Plenty of tour operators will take you out on the water through a variety of tour packages, or you may even decide to bring or purchase your own boat. You can also explore the nearby estuaries and mangroves by boat and see some of the exciting flora and fauna of the region. Howler monkeys, crocodiles, heron, and other types of exotic birds and animals can be found throughout the waterways of the area, and taking a boat tour is a great way to see lots of new and exciting plants and animals.

Another water activity that is gaining in popularity is stand up paddle boarding. This new sport is becoming more and more popular and many surf rental shops now offer stand up paddle board rentals and tour packages, allowing you get out on the water in a relaxing way, and explore the coastline and mangrove systems of Tamarindo.

Land Activities

Once you have had enough of the water and decide to dry out for a bit, you can turn your attention to the land activities of the area, of which there are plenty. Horseback riding tours are a great way to see the area and something that the whole family can do together. Horseback riding tours can take you from the beach to the jungle and allow you to access places you might not be able to see on foot.

For those who want to move a little faster, ATV rentals and tours are available. Off-roading across the terrain of Tamarindo can be exhilarating and is also an option that most anyone can participate in. If you want even more of an adrenaline rush, you can go zip lining close by in Santa Rosa or Pinilla, only about 20 minutes away from Tamarindo. Zip lining has become a popular activity and Costa Rica is home to some of the most well known and fun zip line courses in the world.

There is always the old fashioned way of exploring the many national parks of the Tamarindo area as well. Hiking trails abound throughout the parks of Santa Rosa and Marino Las Baulas, both within 20 kilometers of Tamarindo. A bit further away is the national park Rincon de la Vieja, also a great place to spend a day or two exploring the land and abundant wildlife.

Dining and Entertainment

Tamarindo is home to some amazing restaurants, featuring both local Costa Rican fare, and international dishes. Because people from all over the world make their Tamarindo real estate property their permanent home, you will find restaurants serving up Italian, French, and Belgium cuisine; Argentinean steak houses, sushi houses, and German restaurants all exist in Tamarindo, leaving you with many excellent dining choices.

Local Costa Rican eateries, also known as sodas, serve up comida tipica, or typical food. Casados are set plates that feature Costa Rican beans and rice, yucca, or cassava, salad, and your choice of meat. Because Tamarindo is on the water, many sodas feature fresh seafood plates as well. Eating at these local Costa Rican restaurants is a great way to get to experience local cuisine, customs, and cultures, and make new friends in your new home.

After a full day of activities and great food, you can hit the many nightclubs and discos of Tamarindo to hear local bands and musicians performing, or dance the night away to DJ’s playing popular hit songs from Costa Rica and the rest of the world. Tamarindo has a vibrant nightlife scene, providing entertainment to the many residents and tourists that frequent the area.

After relocating to your Tamarindo Real Estate property, you’ll be overjoyed with all of the activities, great restaurants, and exciting nightclubs in your new neighborhood. Finding the perfect balance between playing and relaxing will be your biggest worry once you make Tamarindo your new home.

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