Bride’s and Bridesmaid’s Wedding Attire for Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We recently wrote a blog post about Grooms and Groomsmen Wedding Attire for Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Sounds entertaining to shop for the guys in the wedding, but let’s face it ladies, THIS is the fun part, the wedding dress!  With a wedding in Costa Rica, you can really get away with anything from soft, romantic whites and pinks, to super modern and bold.   Dresses can range from simple and strapless to beaded and formal, as the venues in Tamarindo run the gamut!

As we did for the groom’s and groomsmen’s blog, we will list wedding dresses and gowns for your formal, semi-formal and casual wedding.  And like we did for the guys in the wedding party, we’ve done the same here, giving you multiple ways to “Mix It Up”, to take that white dress to another level.


Photos of formal wedding attire for brides
Consider a long flowing wedding dress.  This could be something with lace, beading, or even minimal.  It’s hot here, so avoid longer sleeves or wraps.  If you are looking for something to cover your shoulders, think about a dress with cap sleeves.  Here are a few pictures of dresses we found and thought would be perfect for a formal wedding here in Tamarindo!

If you want to wear heels, don’t forget it’s very hard to walk in the sand in heels, so consider a fabulous pair of flats to wear on the beach, then change into the stunner heels at the reception.

Semi Formal

Photos of semi formal brides dressesFor a semi formal or a “tropical chic” wedding, as I like to call it, go with a short or a long dress! A dress with less volume is generally less formal. So a sheath dress is always a good way to go. Again, don’t forget about the shoes, heels are hard to wear on the beach, so remember those flats. To the right are some sample dress for you to consider.



Photos of casual wedding attire for brides
If you are going casual, you will want something minimal. It can be long and flowing, but go with minimal beading and lace. A short beach dress with eyelets would be oh-so-cute!





Mix it up!Photos of bridal attire accessories

The following ideas can be used with any of the above dress ideas, from formal to casual. Each inspiration can be found with embellishments, so just purchase according to the formality of your dress.

  • A belt, either colorful or something more subtle that blends into your dress.
  • A crown made of flowers instead of a veil, or maybe a hairpiece (we LOVE the one in the upper right!!!!).
  • Think about a bold piece of jewelry.
  • Consider a bright pair of shoes


Photos of bridesmaids' dresses

When deciding on your bridesmaids’ dresses, make sure their formality suits your wedding dress; you don’t want them to be more formal, and you don’t want them to be too casual.

Nowadays, when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses, anything goes.

  • Skirts and cute tops.
  • Stick with the same color, but allow the girls to select their own style dress.
  • One style dress, but different colors.
  • The girls can pick out their own dress, just staying within a certain color scheme, for example pink, then you will have all different shades.

It’s fun to let your girls stand out a little bit on your day, it is something special to be the bride’s maid!

Ideas for your formal, tropical-chic, or casual wedding dress are endless, as dresses come in all shapes and sizes, as do accessories!  Of course any dress will work, you just have to own it!

What are some of your ideas?


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