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Your Complete Tamarindo Halloween Costume Guide

“Halloween’s no big deal in Tamarindo,” said no one, ever. If this is your first rodeo with October 31st in Tamarindo, you should be forewarned: Tamarindians take their Halloween costuming seriously.

Tamarindo HalloweenDespite the odds, a sticky warm climate, in a country that does not traditionally celebrate Halloween, Playa Tamarindo pulls off a town-full of parties, and costume contests. Every bar will have a contest, and the prizes will vary, but anybody can win. In 2013 a non-local dressed as Walter White is rumored to have won three of these contests simply by shopping his costume around. His wasn’t even the most elaborate by any stretch. Who knew that tighty-whities and a gas mask could be so profitable?

So what about you? Did you mule in your old high school mascot costume? The one you stole senior year planning to take it back but never did? That wasn’t you? Okay, so you’re not prepared. Don’t panic… but let’s get you going.

Here is a list of options to consider without having to leave the general Tamarindo area:

1.  Shop your closetsall of them. There’s a good chance you have something you can throw together. There’s always the old cross-dressing option if you can fit into your spouse’s clothes. This won’t work if you and your significant other wear the same clothes.

2. Shop your friend’s closet. People shove things away they think are worthless that could go into a great costume.

3.  Hit the local consignment shops:  Huacas, or Conchal Consignment. You are bound to find an idea or two there.

4.  Go see Kata Kis at Papaya Con Leche. She has costume rental options, and purchases. Also, Kata can customize a costume for you, but you have to go see her soon. Time is running out. Papaya Con Leche even has costumes for children, babies, and pets. Papaya is on the west side of the main street, about 100-meters from the main crossing.

What about make-up? Accessories? Provided you don’t have your own, here are some places you should check out:

Tamarindo Halloween1.  Monkey and Croc. In addition to some costumes, they have make-up to put your costume over the top. You’ll find them tucked into the east side of the main drag, across from the beachside location of Banana Surf.

2.  Automercado. They have a decent make-up selection. You will be hard pressed to find funky colors but you can get the basics.

3.  Pharmacies. The pharmacies sometimes carry make-up but it’s going to be very limited.

4.  Alkimia. (Villarreal). This little shop is almost all the way to Villarreal, on the left as you approach, across from Super Kalima. They carry an assortment of party materials, including glitter, glasses, and the perfect additions you hadn’t considered. Worth a look.

The last thing you should consider, if you haven’t, is a quick search through Google. If you search “homemade costume” in Google’s image search option you will get more ideas than you have time to consider. It’s amazing what you can do with glue, cardboard, paint, and a little time. Just keep in mind you will get warm in whatever you wear. “Sunburned bikini model” might be the best option if that’s a problem for you. All you need is a bucket of rouge, and a bikini.

Homemade Blood tip: making your own homemade blood is as easy as searching Google. You’ll find several easy recipes to make enough blood to create your own horror film.

Tamarindo HalloweenWhatever you do, don’t skip the parties because you fail to try. You came to Costa Rica to get back your adventurous self. Plus, if you don’t celebrate, we’re coming to your place for a trick or two. Nobody around here is above throwing a roll of bathroom tissue over those mango trees outside your window. Just sayin’. (Just kidding)

Happy Costuming!


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