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You Should Be In Tamarindo Right Now

Wanna know a secret? The green season is the best time to travel to Tamarindo for so many reasons. The real reason it gets called “the rainy season” is because all the people who enjoy Tamarindo this time of the year don’t want to share it. Well, we’ve decided we’re letting the monkey out of the bag. The original list was longer but here are the top five reasons you should be here right now:

1. Breathing Room

Tamarindo BeachWhile January packs the beach in Tamarindo with bikinis and coconuts, the rainy seasons leaves it sparse. With a low number of tourists you get your pick of sunbathing spots and waves. Just be sure to get there early and plan for a shower just after noon. Since the best sun and surfing is in the AM you won’t even notice.

2. Cheap Rates

When the rain falls, flights and room rates drop to annual lows. A place that’s normally $300 per night could go as low as $100 a night! Since the rain may chase you inside for an hour every day, you’ll really get your money’s worth on your Tamarindo vacation rental. And, yes, it’s safe to fly here this time of year.

3. Discount Shopping

Tamarindo shoppingClothing stores especially, but other shops too, will lower their prices to move inventory. This is especially true in October. The locals all load up on fashion and much needed flip-flops when the bottom falls out of the pricing bucket. You can buy souvenirs in bulk to bring all your friends who chose to stay home because of a few sprinkles. Actually, never mind. Spend that money on yourself. You deserve it.

4. Green, Green, and Green

While hotspots like Arenal, Monteverde, and the Central Valley might enjoy green year-round, Tamarindo saves the green for September. By October Tamarindo is a veritable rain forest. We’re talking emerald-green. The only downside? It’s tough to spot parrots.

5. Best Sunsets

Tamarindo sunsetMost people think sunsets are best when the sky is clear. Those are the people who haven’t seen the sun set behind the boats moored in Tamarindo after a rainfall. The rain stops late afternoon and by sunset the sky is canvassed in clouds for the sun to paint. The best moment of sunset? Right after it drops out of sight. The remaining light backsplashes the clouds eastward in peaches and pinks.
Now you have some decisions to make, like: Will you tell others? Should you buy new swimwear first, or the plane ticket? You know, important things like that. Whatever you decide, come for the green season at least once, and find out what all the diehard fans have know for years. The green season is the best reason for getting all Pura Vida.

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